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2018:  Exit Zero

Genre:  Sitcom
Status:  In post-production

Executive Producer:  Page Cooper Anderson
Producer:  Dana Marisa Schoenfeld
Director(s):  Page Cooper Anderson, Dana Marisa Schoenfeld
Writer:  Page Cooper Anderson
Cast:  Dana Marisa Schoenfeld, Michael Piper-Younie, Jeanine Bartel, Brandon Salerno, Joleen Moody, Scott McLean, Kemo Coleman, Ramona Tim Kee, Elise Hudson, "Red" Rachel Richards, Elissa Piszel, Kayla Conroy, Fern Lim

From the Writer/Director:
After taking a photograph of the church in which I got married only months ago, I realized that this antique structure, visually, took the word "haunted", to a new level. It struck me that this building was indeed at the last stop of the Garden State Parkway- Exit 0.  I
immediately ran to a local bookshop and discovered that this small hamlet was considered one of the most haunted zip codes in America!  I personally had three generations who have used this seaside resort as a family retreat. Were they still retreating here after death? Why not, everyone else seems to be. My research into the towns paranormal activity continues to this day. A story was born.


Post-Production has begun!

We are in post-production and that means costs for editing, sound-editing, colorization and all those touches that will polish this film.  The work our actors and crew have done is amazing!  Won't you please help with a contribution?  Click the button below to donate. No contribution is too small.  Thank you!

In a forgotten seaside town that resides at the end of the Garden State Parkway of New Jersey, the isolated inhabitants live an insular life in which fashion, current events, and modern conveniences rarely take hold. Almost everyone has a few ghosts in the closet, so much so, that their existence is accepted and the dead and living exist side by side, rarely rocking each other’s boat.  Brennan and Brayden, black-sheep twins who have just been fired from their own California winery for slanderous behavior plan to sell their newly inherited New Jersey house, to re-start their miserable lives. The twins discover that not only is the house going into sheriff sale but worse, it is inhabited by their despised dead mother and other ghostly family failures. WHAT TO DO?  A plan is hatched in which co-habitation is required in order to save the living and the dead.